When can I see my family after my surgery or procedure?

When your surgery is complete you will awaken in the recovery area.  Once you are able to have a few crackers and a soft drink, your family will be brought in to join you.

Can I drive myself home after my surgery or procedure?

No.  Because anesthesia is required for surgeries, we cannot let anyone drive themselves home following a procedure or surgery.  We ask that you arrange for a family member or close friend to drive you to and from the surgery center on the day of your surgery and stay with you for 24 hours.

If you do not receive general anesthesia for your procedure, you may be able to drive yourself home at the discretion of your surgeon.

What do the facility fees cover?

Our fees cover the use of the facility and implants. This includes all medicine, surgical supplies, and nursing costs.

Facility fees do not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon, and anesthesiologist fees.

What exactly is anesthesia and who delivers it?

Anesthetics are administered by board-certified/eligible Anesthesiologists who also work at FMH.  The anesthesiologists have been hand selected so that PSCF can offer you the best care.

Anesthesia is the medicine that puts you to sleep and makes you feel no pain during your surgery.  There are two different types of anesthesia:  "local" and "general".

Local anesthesia is special numbing medicine that is applied only to the area of your body where you are having a procedure.  You are awake during the procedure.  Sometimes you might also be given oral medicine to help you relax.  With this medicine, you may get drowsy, and even fall into a light sleep.

Will I get to speak with the person doing my anesthesia before my surgery?

Yes.  Before surgery, you and your anesthesia provider will sit down to discuss your medical history and review the anesthesia plan; this is when you'll be able to voice all of your questions.  Feel free to call our admissions nurse if you have concerns that should be addressed prior to the day of surgery at (240) 215-3070.

Will I get a shot before surgery?

Yes.  An intravenous line is started before surgery so that we can administer medication as needed; this may include medication to reduce anxiety or antibiotics prescribed by your surgeon.

Is my surgeon employed by this facility?

No.  Your physician, along with other medical service providers, including anesthesia, radiology or pathology specialists, who use this facility are independent contractors.  Because these individuals are not employed by our facility, we are not responsible or liable for their acts or omissions.

Your surgeon may be a partial owner of PSCF.